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Tuition: $18,600
Yes, you read that right

Central College’s new annual tuition price of $18,600 for Fall 2020 will open doors to a high-quality, liberal arts education for more students than ever before—and scholarships are still available.

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Price Comparison

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2019-20 Price
Tuition: $38,600
Room: $4,892
Board: $5,388
Total Price: $48,880
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2020-21 Price
Tuition: $18,600
Room: $4,892
Board: $5,388
Total Price: $28,880


Central’s high-quality, liberal arts education has always offered more personalized preparation for careers and graduate study than do state universities. Now, a Central education is available at a comparably affordable price.

$18,600 (CENTRAL’S TUITION) + $10,280 (CENTRAL’S ROOM & BOARD) = $28,880


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Average aid and scholarships a student receives from Central, federal and state awards, which can be subtracted from total costs for an incredibly affordable experience.

And Scholarships Are Still Available!

Elyse Lubbers ’18

Central will continue to offer scholarships and financial aid in proportion to the new tuition price. In fact, Central now offers more scholarships than ever before.

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New Commitments and Programs

Central has launched a number of new initiatives to enhance the student experience, boost the value of a Central education and promote the career readiness of its graduates.

For students who meet specific standards and expectations for progress toward a degree, Central guarantees graduation in four years or the ninth semester tuition is free. In addition, every student in good academic and social standing will be offered at least one internship, shadowing experience or community service opportunity.

We are committed to the success of our students and that’s why we are doing this. These assurances allow students to join the Central community knowing they are receiving an affordable education with incredible value—and knowing they will be supported in their success now and beyond graduation.

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Our new programs include:

Double Trouble

Dual interests in computer science and music can be a lot to handle, but not for Avynne Trembly ’20.

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