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More than a degree

By choosing Central, you are choosing to invest in your future. The value of Central lies in the experiences you'll have, the people you'll meet and the doors that will be opened to you.

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A top-quality education

We work to make sure a top-quality education at Central is attainable for all students. Both academic and need-based financial aid is available, and the value of your education will endure throughout your life.

You'll leave college better prepared for a career, having focused on hands-on learning, internships and making global connections.

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A Private Education: More affordable than you think.

We don't believe cost should be a barrier to a quality education. That's why 99 percent of Central students receive financial aid.

Here's how Central students and families manage the cost:

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Lead the pack.

"I’m completing two majors and a minor while still graduating on time. At a larger school, that could easily take me five years or more to complete. Studying abroad was also an invaluable experience that was surprisingly affordable since I was able to use all of my financial aid and two additional scholarships to do so."



of Central College students who graduate do so in four years or fewer, which reduces your cost and allows you to earn a paycheck faster.

After scholarships, grants and loans are calculated, Central can be comparable in price to a public university. And by graduating in four years (instead of five or six) you'll save money on tuition and earn a salary sooner.

And you have the assurance that Central students graduate with debt levels among the lowest of Iowa colleges and universities.

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Where to start? File the FAFSA.

Filing the FAFSA is the first step toward maximizing your financial aid. You can begin filing Oct. 1

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