Study Abroad

Director-Led Programs


Study Abroad was established at Central College in 1965 and continues to offer distinctive programs worldwide, including semester, year-long and summer options. Central programs are built on outstanding experiential education pedagogy, rigorous academic standards, and reciprocal community relations, creating opportunities for superior students learning. Central’s director-led programs provide you an opportunity to select from a broad range of unique academic offerings:

Central’s Director-Led Programs:

Selecting Courses Abroad for Director-Led Programs

Central College and affiliate university courses for director-led programs can be found in our advising guides. The course listings are examples of courses generally offered; however, they are not to be regarded as a contractual agreement with the student. Course schedules are not finalized until you register at the study site after consultation with the resident director.

Opportunities by Major

Opportunities by major are a great starting place for students deciding between programs. Please review this information with your advisor.

Resident directors provide individualized attention to students. Starting long before arrival, directors work individually with each student, coaching them to maximize their opportunities during time abroad.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We encourage all students to research scholarship options. Please refer to our apply pages for information about available scholarships.

Central College scholarship deadlines:


Charges for Central students will appear on the student bill. Billing policies for visiting students vary by institution. Students should check with their home institution to determine their study abroad billing procedure.

All students should direct billing questions to our billing manager, Jeff Sanger, at or 641-628-5161.

Holistic Programming

Holistic programming integrates academics, personal journey, and intercultural learning. Program excursions are linked to coursework and guided by the resident director. Students engage in intentional reflection to process and understand their personal experiences. These programs are also open to students from other colleges and universities.