Meet Central Students

Kurt Sernett ’21

Triple Threat

Sara Tallman ’20


Mason Muur ’20

Ready Now

Hannah Cross ’19

Aspiring Sports Journalist

Will Daniels ’19

Doing Big Things

Andrew Schlatter ’19

Passion: Discovered!

Chapel Carter ’19

Like Nothing She Imagined

Cheyanna Jennings ’20

Confidence in the Field

Ed Henning ’20 during a music performance

Fiddle or Football?

Patrick Gray '19

Ready for Launch

Anna Overla ’20

Intercultural Education in the Midwest

Marin Harrington ’21

A Writer Expands Her Voice

Kelly Cavner ’19

Senior Technologist

Mackenzie Fuller ’19

An Emerging Scholar

Lauren Bagby ’19

Thinking Outside the Classroom

Kiera Dixon ’21

Studying Philosophy in France

Jacob Wegner '21

Where He Belongs

Hannah Hirl '19

Researching Foster Care Challenges

Sierra Illa ’20

First-Generation Success

Jackee Jones ’20

Embodying Courage

Cierra Rustad ’20

Research in a Developing Country

Hillary Hamilton ’19

Studying Cultures and Communication

Carlos Posas '21

Wrestling the Dream

Tyler Pfaltzgraff '19

A Science Teacher is Born

Savanna Henning '20

Studying Bats and Learning to Adapt

Emily Van Gent

Emily Van Gent

Olivia Boender

Olivia Boender