Study Abroad

Faculty-Led Programs

Central College faculty invite students to participate in discipline-focused study abroad experiences that extend Central’s curriculum.  Putting students in contact with real world examples of topics they explore in their classrooms, faculty leaders apply the best of experiential and intercultural learning pedagogy abroad.  Some faculty-led programs are open only to Central College students while others are open to students visiting from other institutions.  Please contact for eligibility and application details.

Accounting: Merida

Students complete two accounting courses in Merida: Government & Not-for-Profit Accounting and Accounting for Environment & Social Responsibility. Class excursions in Merida highlight the need for global, corporate, social, and environmental accountability. Students will visit government offices, rural villages, and an ecological park that creates jobs for local workers.

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Applied Research: Costa Rica

The 5-week summer research program is located in the small coastal community of Uvitas, Costa Rica.  Students are provided a unique opportunity to complete their individualized research project as they work directly with supervising professors. Starting with a 1 unit spring semester course that focuses on research methods and preparation for living in Costa Rica, students gain an additional 3 units for the completion of their in-country applied project. Research themes span the liberal arts, including, but not limited to, public health, ecology, biology, oral history, community development and education.

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Exploring Wellness: Yucatan

This one-credit course, running Jan. 4-15, 2021, provides an opportunity to explore the concept of wellness in Yucatan, Mexico. Students will explore the seven dimensions of wellness and learn how this model fits into Yucatecan culture. Students will stay in Central College-approved housing and will explore the city of Merida as well as participate in day trips to local facilities, Mayan ruins, and nearby pueblos.

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Language and Culture in the Yucatan Peninsula: Merida

This short-term course for beginning Spanish language students occurs over winter break. Students will have opportunities to practice their newly acquired language skills while exploring the diverse history, archeology and culture of the Yucatan where the interplay of the indigenous and Spanish legacies are still alive today.

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Memory and the Holocaust: Germany & Poland

During spring break and the following week (March 14-27, 2020) students will travel to Germany and Poland, visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp and sites of remembrance in Berlin and Krakow. The students will have the opportunity to engage in service-learning at Auschwitz and meet a Holocaust survivor. Students on the last trip described the experience as life-changing. The course is one credit and should be taken together with a 3-credit course related to the Holocaust (GENR-190, PHIL-290, GERM-390, or FREN-390).

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Music Ensembles: Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Italy (Recent Countries)

Within any four-year cycle, music ensembles at Central immerse themselves in the culture of an international site and perform at a variety of venues within an international community.

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Social and Physical Geography: Iceland

Iceland, a land of ice and fire,  is continually adapting to its harsh physical environment. This has resulted in its global leadership in renewable energy development and sustainability, as well as innovation. Its rift valley housed the beginnings of the world’s oldest democracy. Its climate and environment have brought forth world recognized artist and writers, shaped by their surroundings. In recent times, the country faces new sustainability challenges relating to climate change, rapid tourism and economic risks of deep integration into the global economy. In this course, we explore Iceland’s history and culture and how its adaptability has promoted sustainability.

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Social Science: Merida

A one-credit class in Merida can be added to four psychology and sociology classes regularly taught on Central’s campus. Students explore the cultural themes introduced in these courses by visiting Merida with Central faculty after their spring semesters. In Merida, students visit Mayan archaeological sites and rural villages to investigate poverty, globalization and other related topics.

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Tropical Ecology: Belize & Costa Rica

During winter break, biology students can complete their fall tropical ecology course with 17 days in Belize and Costa Rica. This course introduces students to the amazing diversity and complexity of tropical ecosystems. On the trip, students explore several different ecosystems by snorkeling in coral reefs and hiking in various forests.

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