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Have you ever wanted to do serious study of the Bible or to compare different religious perspectives? Or have you thought about going into ministry or university or college teaching? You might want to study religion at Central College. Central also offers a pre-ministry program and an emphasis in Christian ministries. Graduates have gone on to become pastors, missionaries or teachers, but also into such fields as law enforcement and social services.



News about Religion

A Medical Adventure

Seniors Mycaela Crouse and Rachel Connelly experienced an opportunity of a lifetime—for two weeks, the friends spent time job shadowing doctors in Thailand in several areas of the local hospitals.


Called to Serve

President Mark Putnam notes that the faith traditions at Central lead to student service.

Do Unto Others

The students of Campus Ministries follow the golden rule with a constant stream of service at Central, in Iowa and around the United States.


Successful Careers

Seminaries attended by Central religion majors include:

Other areas of graduate study pursued by Central students include:


Looking for experience? An internship might be the answer. When it comes to future employment or entrance into graduate school, students with internship experience have a proven track record in a professional environment. In today's competitive job market, proven experience is a priceless commodity. Past internships include:

Learn more about internships at Central.


The religion department offers courses in biblical studies, the history of Christian thought, world religions (e.g. Judaism, Islam, and South and East Asian religions), and ethics and theology, as well as applied courses.

Biblical studies:

History of Christian thought:

World religions:

Ethics and theology:

Christian ministry emphasis:

In addition, department faculty teach related courses in history (Mideastern civilization, biblical archaeology) and language (Hebrew, Greek).

Sample Schedule

Central’s religion major offers a very flexible schedule to students. There are no required religion courses with prerequisites, and therefore no typical sequence of courses. The department recommends that at least two “readings” courses at the 300-level be taken during the junior and senior years, and that independent study be taken during the senior year.

Get more details from the course catalog! (Note: this is a PDF file)


Central College is one of the most beautiful college campuses you'll find. A perfect mix of old and new, our buildings reflect our history and our future, featuring energy conservation and environmental responsibility. Our state-of-the-art facilities include:


No matter what your interests are, Central has a group or organization that you'll want to join. Religion majors might be interest in Central's:

College Sanctioned:

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to study abroad with Central College to enhance their development as global citizens. Academic opportunities and internship programs also are available in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Learn more about Central’s study abroad programs.