Brianna Johnston

“I aspire to become a midwife and travel the world to combine cultural anthropology with my career delivering babies.”

Brianna Johnson

Hometown: Brighton, Colorado

Major: Cultural anthropology

Why did you choose Central? I really wanted to go to college out of state and Central College gave me generous scholarships.

What are your future goals? I aspire to become a midwife and travel the world to combine cultural anthropology with my career delivering babies.

What has been your favorite class? I’ve had many favorite classes but I think my top two are anatomy and physiology and medical anthropology.

What do you like about your major? I having completely different areas of study and learning a broad variety of information. For example, I have learned a lot about the human body, but also how diverse cultures view the human body differently.

What are your plans after graduation? After I finish my bachelor’s degree at Central College, I plan to attend Metropolitan State University in Denver, where I will pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in midwifery.

Who has been your favorite professor? Why? I really enjoyed having Cynthia Mahmood as a professor. I always looked forward to her class because she encouraged classroom discussion and I loved that she was open to other people’s opinions without being judgmental.

Activities: I am part of the LGBTQ group on campus called Common Ground. I have two jobs off campus; one working in the Infant House at Pella Early Learning Center, and the other as a server at Kaldera Restaurant and Lounge.

Other interests: I really love to do crafts and DIY projects. I am very passionate about civil rights, equality and making America more empathetic so I enjoy any chance I get to volunteer in Pella and back home in Colorado.

Favorite food in Central Market: Cook to order Mongolian

Fun facts: I am Black, Mexican, Apache, Italian, German and a little bit Irish.

What has been your favorite Central Memory so far? My favorite memories at Central involve my friends so I would say the best memory of them all is when I met them my freshman year.

What does the Journey Scholarship mean to you? I want to say how appreciative and grateful I am for my scholarships. Journey Scholarship donors are helping me get such a great liberal arts education and that’s something no one can take away from me, so thank you to donors!