Financial Aid


Verification Worksheet – Dependent
If selected to perform verification, you will be notified by Central. This form is for students whose parents claim them as a dependent.

Expenses Appeal Form
This form should be used if one or more parents attend post secondary education during the academic year and have out of pocket college expenses, if a sibling is attending a private elementary/secondary school, or if your family has excessive medical expenses.

Loss of Income Appeal Form
This form is to notify Central College of a loss or reduction of you and/or your family’s income. If you have expenses for medical, dental, private school tuition or parent(s) college expenses do not use this form.

One Time Income
One-time or unusual parental income that is no longer available (examples: one time sale of property, moving expense allowance, back year payments of Social Security, inheritance, or lump-sum payment of severance, pension or retirement or life-insurance benefits).


(Note: Adobe Acrobat reader is required to open these forms.)