At Central, we've discovered that many high school students are not sure what their future holds. So we created a special program just for college freshmen and sophomores who want to check out all of the possibilities.

Here's how it works:

Who participates in the Exploring program?

At sometime or another, nearly every college student explores various academic avenues. More than half of all college students change their majors before graduation. Since it's so common for college students to explore, we designed a program where exploring is encouraged and supported. At Central, 70 or so students join the program each fall.

Advisers assist participants as they try various classes and areas of study on for size. It's a great way to get to try things out without being punished for being unsure! So who participates? Anyone who's got a passion for more than one thing and isn't quite ready to decide, or someone who is unsure of what life's plan is can Explore at Central, where searching is the best way to find your inner genius.

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