Study Abroad

Merida Academic Program Options

For a complete listing of courses, please consult our Course Catalog.

Studies in Global Health

Explore the impact of cultural expectations and complex health issues as you learn directly from professionals in healthcare, social services, and public policy.  Courses are offered in both English and Spanish. (typical load is 13-16 credits)

Culture Course

Understanding Contemporary Mexico (3 credits)

Spanish Language Courses

Taught in Spanish at the beginning through advanced level (3-4 credits)

Central College Courses 

Taught by local faculty (3 credits)

  • Health care in Yucatán (Taught in English)
  • Spanish for Health Professionals (Taught in Spanish)

Internship or Service-Learning

Students are required to participate in an internship or service-learning placement in a health-related field (1-3 credits)

Possible placements include:

  • Local NGO
  • Government-run social service hospital
  • Community health center
  • Mental health facility
  • Veterinary office
  • Physical therapy
  • Health promotion
  • Nutrition education

Language and Culture

Benefit from small group study and integrated academics, including internships and service-learning.  Improve your Spanish language skills and adjust your level of language immersion.  This program is offered in Fall and Spring.

Sample schedule-Intermediate Spanish language

Understanding Contemporary Mexico

Intermediate Conversation and Composition I

Art and Architecture of Yucatan

Latin American Dance

Internship (e.g. Environmental Studies)


Sample schedule-Advanced Spanish language

Understanding Contemporary Mexico

Advanced Conversation and Composition II

Latin American Novel

Advanced Practical Spanish

Electives at affiliate universities

Affiliate University Electives

Marista University (3 credits): Marista is committed to an educational model based on a high level of academic integrity and a responsibility to serve the community. Advanced language students can choose up to two courses in the following areas:

Modelo University (3 credits): Modelo is a private university with an emphasis on the professional and personal development of each student. Advanced language students can choose up to two courses in the following areas:

Autonomous University of Yucatán (3 credits): Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY) is a public university in Mérida where students with a demonstrated superior level of Spanish can take classes alongside local students. Fall option only. Academic areas include: