Central College offers numerous academic and interest-based scholarships and awards for new students starting at Central for the upcoming school year. All scholarships and awards are renewable each year (up to 4 years total) unless otherwise indicated.

Grants / Need-Based Aid

Federal, state, and Central College grants are available for students showing financial need. To be eligible for any of the grants listed below you must file a FAFSA form. Renewal of these grants from year to year is based on financial need.
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Numerous types of loans for college students and parents are available. Central College is a direct lending school which means that all of your loan questions can be processed through us.
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Central College awards work-study to nearly 85% of our students. Students are paid an hourly wage and may use their monthly paychecks to meet personal expenses. Many campus jobs enable students to gain work experience in an area of their interest.


The FAFSA is used to determine how much you and your family can afford to pay for college (this is the “EFC” – estimated family contribution). Colleges use the EFC to determine how much NEED BASED AID or GRANTS you are eligible for.

You can file a FAFSA anytime after January 1. We recommend that you file the FAFSA after you have completed your federal tax return. For priority consideration on need based aid, we also recommend that you file your FAFSA prior to March 1st (of course, sooner is better).

Central's FAFSA code is 001850. Visit our tips on completing the FAFSA and also "Seven Easy Steps to the FAFSA".