Study Abroad

Granada Academic Program Options

For a complete listing of courses, please consult our advising guides.

Intensive Language

Make significant gains in your Spanish language skills through intensive language study.  Courses focus on Spanish civilization and culture, and make frequent visits to Granada’s colorful markets and cafes.  Open to all levels, and required for beginning language students.

Language and Culture

Explore Spanish history, geography, and politics while continuing to build your Spanish language skills.  The Language and Culture program offers elective courses in business, art history, and literature, among other areas.  Open to students who have completed 4-5 semesters of college-level Spanish.

Hispanic Studies

Use language skills as your key to a content-rich menu of electives.  Options for study range from business to music to economics.  Open to students who have completed 6 semesters of college-level Spanish.

Islamic Studies in Spain

Examine the profound and enduring influence of Islamic culture in Granada and Andalucía.  Study of language and culture facilitate a large-scale research project that each student proposes and develops over the course of the semester.  Open to students with 4 or more semesters of college-level Spanish.

Education Internship Track

Gain real classroom experience planning and delivering English language lessons in granadino schools.  This program pairs students with local English language teachers and is open to students of all Spanish language levels. Students’ classroom experiences are supported through a module on second language acquisition theory and a series of reflective exercises, including self-assessment.