Study Abroad

Info – Visiting Students

Minimum requirements

To study abroad through Central College you must:

Application Deadlines*

Completed applications will be reviewed on a rolling admission basis.  Contact the study abroad office at Central College (1-800-831-3629 or to inquire about program availability after the above deadlines. Central College reserves the right to review and accept late applications on a space-available basis.

*Application deadlines do not apply to the Merida program

Financial Aid

As a part of the application, visiting students are eligible to apply for scholarships, awards are typically up to $750.  Additionally, students should check with their home institution about what financial aid can be applied to programs abroad.


Apply Now

To apply to study abroad through Central College a student must submit a complete application dossier that includes:

Online application form

To complete the online application form you will provide information about:

Application Essay

You will be asked to submit on-line an 800-1000 word essay explaining your motivation for study abroad (personal and academic), your choice of program, and your experiences in and out of the classroom that have prepared you for study abroad.

Two Faculty Evaluation Forms

Faculty evaluations are an essential part of your application so you should request evaluations from two faculty members who know you well enough to assess your academic potential and skills, your ability to adjust to new situations, and your personal motivation. It is common courtesy to ask the faculty member about completing an evaluation before sending an evaluation request via your online account.

Study Abroad Approval Form

The study abroad approval form specifies the conditions for transfer of credits from Central College to your home institution.  Your advisor’s approval confirms that the two of you have discussed your plans to study abroad and considered coursework and requirements together.


As part of your application you must provide an official transcript from every institution through which you have earned college credit.

Internship/Service-learning application materials (if applicable)

Tuition and Fees

2019-20 Programs Semester Tuition Housing Discount Fee Total
Bangor Fall $19,300 $ 4,120 ($2500) $20,920
Spring $19,300 $4,840 ($2500) $21,640
Granada Fall $19,300 $ 3,834 ($5000) $18,134
Spring $19,300 $4,930 ($5000) $19,230
London* Fall $19,300 $ 2,595 $21,895
(*includes gym and activities fee) Spring $19,300 $2,595 $21,895
Merida Fall and Spring $19,300 $ 3,942 ($5000) $18,242
Vienna Fall and Spring $19,300 $ 2,469 $21,769
Vienna Language/
Goethe Institute – 1 month
Fall and Spring $19,300 $2,469 $2,375 $24,144
Vienna Language/
Goethe Institute – 2 month
Fall and Spring $19,300 $2,469 $4,750 $26,519

* Includes gym and activities fee

2019 Summer Programs Tuition Housing Fee Total
Bangor – Outdoor Pursuits $ 4,210 $ 1,140 $5,350
Granada – Intensive Language $3,628 $1,175 $4,803
Granada – Language & Culture $3,628 $1,175 $275 $5,078
London – Internships $5,116 $2,737 $7,853
Merida – Language & Culture $2,839 $625 $3,464
Merida – Global Health $2,492 $1,200 $3,692