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Course Course Number Professor    
Other 999
Service-Learning in Accounting ACCT283 Various
Cultures of Latin America ANTH255 Bass
Anthropology Module ANTH283 Various
Environmental Anthropology ANTH290 Searles
Topics: Applied Anthropology ANTH290 Staff
Ethnographic Field Methods ANTH366 Bass
Food Politics ANTH390 Hopwood
Intro to Violence ANTH390 Mahmood
Applied Anthropology ANTH465 Jeff Bass
Senior Seminar: Cultural Anthropology ANTH485 Staff
Service-Learning in Art ART283 Various
Intro to Museum Studies ART290 Reimer
Therapeutic Exercise AT378 Briggs
Medical Conditioning for the Athletic Trainer AT472 Duinink
Human Anatomy and Physiology II W/ Lab BIOL 202 Palenske
Module BIOL 283
Epidemiology BIOL210 DuPre
Module BMGT 283 Schuring
Managing and Valuing Cultural Diversity BMGT350 Staff
Organizational Behavior BMGT351 Staff
Leading from Within BMGT353 Staff
Principles of Marketing BMGT371 Cambell
Marketing Management BMGT373 Staff
Marketing Research BMGT375 Campbell
Service-learning Module in Chemisty CHEM 283 Haustein
COMM Module COMM 283 Various
Intercultural Communication COMM268 Laine
Communicating Health & Illness COMM276 Laine
Public Relations COMM340 Laine
Negotiating Organizational Cultures COMM342 Laine
Digital Media Discourses COMM385 Bradfield
Senior Capstone COSC 420 M. Johnson
Service-Learning in Computer Science COSC283 Various
Intro to International Studies CRCL210 Mate-Kodjo
Cross Cultural Module CRCL283 Various
Custom Design Custom Various
Module EDUC 283 Zaffiro
Human Relations EDUC215 (Elementary Sites) Addelman
Human Relations EDUC215 (Secondary Sites) Addelman
Teaching English as a Second Language EDUC231 Staff
Intro to Literature - Honors Enrichment ENG199H Dolezal
English Module ENGL 283 Various
Independent Study ENGL 299 Dolezal
Nature and Environmental Literature ENGL213 Dolezal
African-American Literature ENGL215 Koza
American Ethnic Literature ENGL216 Dolezal
Personal Essay ENGL240 Dolezal
Illness and Health in Literature ENGL270 Dolezal
Literary Journalism ENGL340 Dolezal
Writing for Non-Profit Organizations ENGL344 Koza
Module ENVS 383
Adapted Physical Education EXSC212 Gannon
Community, Consumer, and Global Health EXSC261 Duinink
Module EXSC283
Worksite Program, Planning & Evaluation EXSC380 Gannon
Fitness After Fifty EXSC432 Gannon
Beginning French I FREN121 Kaplan
Beginning French II FREN122 Kaplan
Intermediate French II FREN222 Kaplan
Module GENR 283
Immigrant Experience GENR220 Purnell
Latin American Civilization HIST150 Yanner
Intersections INTX Yanner
Intersections - Laine INTX - Laine Laine
Intersections LAS110 Various
Bowling League LAS110 N Yanner
Literary Journalism LAS189 Dolezal
Expl Ecotones Lit, Sc, Hist LAS410 Stark
HIV & AIDS Pandemic LAS410 DuPre
Food Justice LAS410 E Zaffiro
Bowling League LAS410 J Yanner
Module MUSC283 Van Waardhuizen
Module OTHER Various
Module POLS 283
Introduction to International Politics POLS140 Zaffiro
Modern Latin America POLS225 Yanner
Global Sustainability POLS242 Zaffiro
Topics: American Disability History/Policy POLS290A Yanner
Seminar in Public Policy POLS355 Green
Research Seminar POLS489 Yanner
Theories of Personality PSYC225 Staff
Psychopathology PSYC231 Staff
Psychology of Women PSYC240 Staff
Service-Learning in Psychology PSYC283 Various
Multicultural Issues in Psychology PSYC330 Renstrom
Fundamentals of Statistics PSYC335 Jones
Child and Adolescent Development PSYC382 Scolaro
Adult Development and Aging PSYC384 Jones
Capstone PSYC499 Newton
Religion & Sustainability REL 290 Campbell, B
Spirituality in the Christian Tradition REL222 Vishnevskaya
Module SOC 283
Applied Sociology SOC 390 Wick
Crime and Delinquency SOC241 DeWild
Sociology of the Family SOC242 Reece
Intro to Social Work SOC250 Clark
Doing Sociology SOC290 Reece
Module SPAN 383
Intermediate Spanish I SPAN221 Krogstad
Intermediate Spanish II SPAN222 Korcheck
Module SPAN283
Advanced Spanish I SPAN321 Mate-Kodjo
Advanced Spanish II SPAN322 Korcheck
Introduction to Hispanic Literature SPAN323 Mate-Kodjo
Modern Spanish Literature SPAN332 Mate-Kodjo
Civilization of Hispanic America SPAN343 Krogstad
Hispanics/Latinos in the US SPAN350 Reynaga
Seminar: Spanish Literature SPAN485 Ladner