Get involved

Through service-learning, Central students connect service activities with their classroom learning experiences.

Students from:

Central Volunteer Center (CVC)

The Central Volunteer Center (CVC) provides opportunities for students to get involved in non-academic service. We have connections with community partners in Pella and the surrounding communities and work to satisfy the needs of our community. Whether you want to participate in one of our yearly events, such as Dance Marathon or Welcome Week’s Red Rock Rocks Service project, or make your own commitment to a community partner, we can help you get started. Students are invited to participate in projects, create their own projects, or help plan existing projects. Contact to get involved.

Become an Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE)

ACEs are student workers who serve as liaisons between Central College faculty, students and our non-profit community partners. They prepare service-learners to participate at their sites, field questions from students and from their community agencies, encourage students to participate in service-learning and provide feedback to the Center for Community-Based Learning.


If you meet these qualifications and are interested in becoming an ACE please contact Cheri Doane.

Join Iowa College AmeriCorps Program (ICAP)

Through the Iowa College AmeriCorps Program students can earn financial aid by volunteering in the local community. Members commit to serving 300 hours at local non-profits and recruiting ten people to volunteer for those agencies. Upon completion, members receive an education award worth over $1,000 to use toward undergraduate expenses, graduate school, or qualifying Federal loans. Contact Cheri Doane at for more information about this opportunity.