Tyler Bryant

My major allows me to study what I find most interesting, history and politics, as well as other topics.

Tyler Bryant

Major: Social Science

What activities do you participate in on and off campus? I am on the football team. I am also in the Central Teaching Academy. I attend almost every home athletic event and try to make some academic events as well. I am in FCA, I do intramurals, and I am in the History Club and Disc Golf Club. You pick a sport and I will play it, sports are my life. I am an avid bike rider, disc golfer and golfer. During the summer, I am also a high school baseball and softball official.

Have you studied abroad or do you plan to?  I have not studied abroad and I don’t think I plan to.

What has been your favorite class? So far, my favorite class is World Wars taught by Dr. Barloon.

Who has been your favorite professor? Why? I honestly can’t decide who my favorite professor is, it is a toss-up between Dr. Lori Witt and Dr. Barloon. They both have been extremely helpful to me with my history career, and Dr. Witt is also my academic adviser so she guides me through the best path. In my opinion, they are both funny.

Have you done any internships? Do you plan to? I have not done any internships, but I have done a service learning project and I will be student-teaching.

Hobbies/Interests: Football, Basketball, Biking, disc golf, golf, volleyball, history, coaching, animals and the Civil War.

Fun fact about yourself: I can juggle three balls, four on a good day.

Favorite food in Central Market: Chili, or banana bars.

What has been your favorite Central Memory so far? Having my friends throw me in the pond on my birthday on a cold February night after my fruitless attempt at running away, then sprinting to Pietenpol in to warm up in the shower.

What do you like about your major? I like my social sciences major because it has multiple topic areas to choose from which enables me to take different paths within my selected area. With my major I chose my favorite interests, history and politics, so most of my classes are in my area of interest. This has allowed me to dive into my major and enjoy it!

What book are you currently reading? “Battle Cry of Freedom” by James McPherson

What are your plans after graduation? I want to teach history and coach.


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