Taryn Ernst

“A smaller school, such as Central, is ideal for getting involved.”

Taryn Ernst

Major: Elementary-education

What residence hall do you live in? This year I will be living in Graham Hall.

What does the Journey Scholarship mean to you? We really appreciate every donor! Without you, the Central experience would not be possible for students such as myself. Thank you!

Why did you choose Central? I chose Central because of the personal attention I received and the prospect of small class sizes.

Have you studied abroad or do you plan to? I studied abroad in Wales in the spring of 2017, and would highly recommend it to anyone interested because I learned so much about myself and the world.

Fun facts: I taught myself to play the guitar from tutorials on the internet.

Who has been your favorite professor? Why?  My favorite professor is probably Mary Stark. Her puns keep the class on their toes and she loves to incorporate aspects from many subject areas in one lesson.

Have you done any internships? Do you plan to?  As a member of the Central Teacher Academy, I partner with a teacher in the local school and have hands-on experience helping students and teaching lessons.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy people and food, so whenever I can combine the two, I know it is going to be a good time!

Favorite food in Central Market: Fresh cookie Tuesday!

What has been your favorite Central Memory so far? My favorite Central memory would be all the connections I have made. A small school is ideal for getting involved. For example, as an SOS Orientation Leader, I split a plate of trail mix with the dean of students, Charlie Strey!

What do you like about your major? The best part of my major is the hands-on experience. In the education program, you are in the classroom the first semester doing observations. Classes are rarely lectures, rather the professors demonstrate and allow the students to discuss and practice what we are learning.

What book are you currently reading? I just started the 2017 common read “Memory of Water” by Emmi Itäranta. I am excited to talk about it with the incoming students this fall!

What are your plans after graduation? I am open to teaching anywhere. I am also considering grad school.


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