Shelby Palm

Shelby PalmMajor: Spanish

Study abroad: Spain, fall 2015

Future goals: I want to be a high school Spanish teacher (or perhaps ESL in a foreign country for a while). Eventually, I would love to end up in a diverse school district with students of all backgrounds gathering in my classroom to learn Spanish language and culture.

Favorite class: Children with Exceptionalities with Dr. Diers. She does a great job connecting with students and uses a lot of real-world experiences we will find in our own classrooms someday. It’s a very hands-on class, and observation hours in schools are a great way to engage with students and learn from veteran teachers.

Why I love my major: Education is hands-down the most exciting field I can think of going into. You get to spend every day helping young people grow into well-educated, well-adjusted members of society. Spanish was always my favorite class in high school. It challenges me, and bilingual communication is becoming more and more important. Learning about Spanish-speaking countries is really cool too.

Other interests: I love all kinds of athletics. I didn’t join any teams in college, so I have more free time to learn new things. I still like to go on runs or work out in Kuyper. I like to paint in my room. First semester, I taught myself to knit, and now I am teaching myself guitar when I’m not studying.
Why I chose Central: Central is close enough to home that I can still be in good contact with my younger brothers. Aside from the location, Central has the most beautiful campus. The staff and students are all just great, and it creates a community feel. Central feels like a family. I love being able to recognize nearly every face I see on a daily basis. We are like a little town of our own.

Favorite food in Central Market: Whenever there is fruit pizza, I am running to lunch. De-lish.
Best Central memory: Pet therapy before finals is probably the coolest thing I’ve attended yet. It’s one of the most popular attractions at “The Night Before Finals” because everybody misses their own pets. You just walk in, sit on the ground and are bombarded with adorable fluffy creatures loving you.