Seth Eash ’18

Seth EashMajor: Athletic training

Why I chose Central: Two things made Central stand out to me. First, being on campus just felt like home. After visiting, I could not see myself as comfortable or as successful at any other school. Second, the professors made the difference. All the professors I spoke with were excited to be at Central and excited to teach. They were not only passionate about the subjects they taught, but also passionate about their students and doing everything they can to see their students grow and achieve.

Why I love my major: Athletic training is a major of application. I learn concepts, theories and practices in class, then I am able to apply them as soon as the next day in clinic. On top of application, I am able to provide health services now. I work with athletes in their rehabilitation programs and get them back to doing what they love. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the work the athlete and I have done pay off, and see the athlete back in the game and succeeding.

How have you made connections at Central? A connection through Central is what helped me to land an internship with the Green Bay Packers. Nate Weir, a Central alum, is an assistant athletic trainer for the Packers and how I found out about the possibility for the internship.

How has Central provided a strong academic experience? I have grown intellectually at Central. That is thanks to the variety of courses I have taken, the challenge of those courses and the professors that have helped me to push myself to achieve more.

What made Central a good financial investment? Thanks to my academic achievements, I received a fantastic financial aid package. It has actually made attending Central College more affordable than if I were to attend any state school.

Campus activities: Student Senate, CAAT (Club Associated with Athletic Training), admission ambassador

Career plans: I plan to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and join a practice as a physical therapist.

How has Central prepared you for your next step? Not only does my athletic training major directly apply to my goals of becoming a physical therapist, but the academic and personal skills I have developed during my time at Central have made me more than ready for my next step.

Favorite class: My favorite class was Lower Extremity Injury Assessment. It was one of my first athletic training classes. The best part about it was being able to actually get our hands on what we were learning. I had taken courses in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, but now I was to examine a bone, joint, ligament or muscle, assess its functionality, and then prepare to rehabilitate the injury.

Favorite professor: John Roslien — he is very passionate and has always done everything in his power to help his students accomplish all of their goals.

The best thing about Central: The Central community is the best thing about Central College. The community makes the campus friendly, fun and safe. We are all dedicated to doing our best and advancing in every way we can. This community also extends off campus. I have heard and seen countless instances of a Central connection that has paved the way for success. I have been able to take advantage of those connections, and I am beyond thankful.