Patrick Gray

Patrick GrayMajor: Engineering

Why I chose Central: Central has always given me a sense of home away from home. Both of my parents are alumni, so I have been exposed to the Dutch family for most of my life. I chose Central because I could see the passion that the college had to improve me as a student and as a person. Not to mention the beautiful campus and people!

Why I love my major: I love my major because the more I learn about physics and engineering, the more I can see it in everyday life. It is no longer a chore to learn and study, but it has become a hobby — a lifestyle. It can be a lot of work, but my obsession for the grind only makes me hungry for the next step in my academic journey! The awesome course material, my peers and my instructors make this the only path I want to pursue.

Favorite professor: That’s a tough choice between Alexey Pronin and Viktor Martisovits. Both impress me with their knowledge and passion for physics. I’ve already had each one for a couple of classes, and I am excited to spend more of my college career taking lessons from these pros.

Favorite class: Right now I would have to choose Electric Circuits as my favorite class. All of my engineering buddies get to share the same pain of slaving over homework and struggling through quizzes (joking, of course). However, the hard work is very fulfilling and the concepts are very interesting.  Creating circuit diagrams is a lot like putting together a puzzle. And when Viktor Martisovits is teaching, it is a very fun combination.

Campus activities: Football, FCA, Student Senate, Physics Club, SI and tutor for General Physics

Other interests: Frisbee golf, hunting, playing the ukulele

How has Central provided a strong academic experience? From what I have experienced so far, Central College sees every student with a capacity for success. The professors make sure to hold each and every one of their students accountable to that. The smaller class sizes allows each student to communicate and learn in their own way. My academic experience has exceeded my expectations. I have been pushed to my limits in ways I never thought possible, yet I do not remember the last time I was stressed out. I have expanded my mind and soul in so many ways that I can’t help but recommend it to anyone who wants the best out of themselves.

How have you made connections at Central? There are so many ways that Central has connected me to the outside world. Just in everyday life, I am interacting with alumni, professors, and staff members that will push me towards future success. This is a very special place. Everyone here is building relationships with each other that will last a lifetime.

How has Central prepared you for your next step? In fewer than three semester here, I have already developed skills necessary for the next step. I have enhanced my communication skills through conversations and writing as well as holding a leadership position on campus. My time management skills have gone through the roof. Physics has taught me how to critically think as well as fit different pieces together. Football has taught me important life lessons as well as how different people respond differently to situations. I believe I am physically and mentally tougher than I was a year ago. Spiritually, I am stronger. I am a better person since being at Central. And with that in mind, taking on the rest of my life doesn’t seem so intimidating.