Jenna Dille

Jenna DilleMajor: Psychology

Minor: Sociology

Why did you choose to come to Central?

I chose Central because of the tight knit environment, the genuine care professors have for student achievement and the opportunity to continue participating in athletics. Central felt like home from my first visit, but my overnight visit with the volleyball girls clinched my decision.

What is your favorite class?

My favorite class is Psychology of Gender with Randy Renstrom. I am very interested in why people do what they do and this class helped unpack the huge role that gender roles and stereotypes play in understanding behavior.

What do you love about your major?

As a psychology major and sociology minor, I get exposed to a variety of classes. It is interesting to learn about the human psyche. The professors are very helpful and want to see you succeed.

What are your future goals or career plans?

After graduation, my plan is to go to grad school to become an Occupational Therapist. My hope is to find a job where I can focus on helping children with disabilities or cognitive disorders. The thought of being able to help kids overcome the challenges they face in performing everyday tasks is very satisfying to me.

What else are you involved in?

I am a middle hitter on the volleyball team and I can’t say enough about what this experience and these girls mean to me! I have met lifelong best friends while also growing tremendously as a player and an individual. Volleyball keeps me busy, but I make time for intramurals (still seeking a champion T-shirt, but we are coming back strong this year). I plan to study abroad in the spring and am also doing some job shadowing with occupational therapists around Pella to prepare for grad school.

What do you like most about Central?

There’s a lot of things I love about Central, but the thing I love most has to be the people. The professors, students, faculty, and coaches all have a mutual respect for one another and are dedicated to each other’s success and well-being at Central. Fresh Cookie Tuesday isn’t bad either.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I can wiggle my ears. Also, when I was in middle school I broke my radius and ulna in a soccer match. I have two pins in my arm as a result and went through months of physical and occupational therapy due to severe nerve damage. That experience that exposed me to occupational therapy as a career.

What made Central a good financial investment?

Central has an excellent reputation for producing well rounded and well prepared graduates. As I start my junior year, I know I made the right decision and that my professors are challenging me to be the best that I can be. The Central experience can’t be reproduced anywhere else.

Do you have advice for students choosing a college?

Take advantage of the overnight visit. It gives you a better feel of the campus, and you get a chance to meet current students. Pay attention to how you feel when you visit different colleges. You will be spending four years there, so it should feel like an extension of your home. That’s what Central feels like to me. Go Dutch!