Erich Thalacker

Erich ThalackerMajors: Biochemistry, biology

Minor: Mathematics

Hometown: Van Meter, Iowa

What is your favorite class?

I very much enjoyed Organic Chemistry with Dr. Jay Wackerly. He is a great teacher, and the class was challenging and brought new light to the underlying way things work.

What other experiences are important to you?

I have been a part of Central-funded summer research where I synthesized three novel air-stable zinc catalysts for PLA (a renewable plastic). I am currently continuing that research during the school year. Additionally, I was involved in an REU (research experience for undergraduates) at Oklahoma University. There I worked on a protease (something that degrades proteins) in C. Diff. (a bacterial infection becoming quite the thorn in hospitals’ sides) that could potentially be used to destroy virulent cells.

What else are you involved in?

Chemistry Club, Track and Field (Sprinter), Republican Club

What do you like most about Central?

The competent professors and people. Most everyone is nice and works to help each other.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I had to go to the ER last summer because a moth flew into my ear. P.S. You can kill it by drowning it in olive oil.

What helped to make attending a private college affordable?

I came to Central because I had a competitive financial aid offer. With awards from Scholar Days and high school merit, I was able to have a similarly priced college experience as at a state school.

Also, what made Central a good financial investment?

Another main reason I choose Central was the alumni — I could have help from other grads. With that in mind, the best investment at Central is the people. My friends, fellow students, and future and past graduates will assist my journey.

Do you have advice for students choosing a college?

Look at the aid package, talk to current students, stay overnight — and choose Central.