Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Doyle Monsma ’83

Major: Business Management
Campus Activities: A Cappella Choir, Chamber Singers & Circle K Club
Employer: Central College
Job Title: Major and Planned Gifts Officer
Service to the College: Planned Giving Donor

Doyle Monsma ’83 was the first in his family to go to college, so affording a higher education and navigating financial aid was a brand-new experience for the Monsmas. Central made it possible. The college awarded him a Pella Corporation scholarship and at least one music scholarship. That, plus working at the Strawtown Inn and Pella Corporation, put him through Central without much debt. “I’m forever grateful to the generous donors who made that possible for me,” he says.

When he set up his estate he knew he wanted to leave something to Central. “It was small at first—I was about 30 years old and working in the nonprofit world,” Monsma says. “But a few years ago when I turned 50, I reevaluated my will and realized I could do a bit more for Central.”

“Giving to Central, I feel like I can leave a little bit of a legacy somewhere,” he says. “And it’s natural for me to want to give it to a place that gave me a great start in life. Central really showed me the world through people such as Central’s choir director David Williams and head of the music department Davis Folkerts who exposed me to things I never would have experienced otherwise. And I got my first job in my career of nonprofit development from a Central classmate after I graduated.”

Monsma says Central has opened a lifetime of opportunities for him, and he was delighted when he could come back and work for the college as a major and planned gifts officer in 2017. Now through both his work and his planned gift, he can help another generation of Central students have a similar experience.

“I chose planned giving because I know I’m not able to give as much as I’d like to while I’m living,” he says. “But a bequest gift doesn’t cost you anything during your lifetime and, like most people, I can make a greater impact with a planned gift than I can otherwise.”


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