Devin McCain

Devin McCainMajor: Theatre

Minor: Art History

Why I love my major: I can talk as loud as I want to, and I get to know a ton of students by being involved in productions.

Favorite class: Intro to Theatrical Makeup Design — I got to play with makeup in every class. I turned myself into a mermaid and made it look like I was missing an eye. It was really cool to learn how to do special effects makeup.

Favorite professor: Anyone in the theatre department! Every professor is so easy to talk to, has tons of experience and can answer any questions I have — and I have a lot.

Campus activities: Dutch Brigade, Combos Jazz Singers, Admissions Ambassador

Service-learning: ASAP (After School Arts Program) Des Moines

The best thing about Central: You’ll always see someone you know or a smiling face while walking to class.

Career plans: Graduate school for art history

How has Central prepared you for your next step? A liberal arts education opens your mind to different areas of study you might not have considered, so I feel like I have a really good understanding of a large variety of subjects. I know that with whatever I decide to do after graduating, I won’t be taking a shot in the dark. Central does a fantastic job at preparing all students to succeed in what they choose to pursue as a profession.