Cory McCleary

“Physics with Viktor Martisovits has been fun. He brings so much energy to the classroom.”

Cory McCleary

Major: Engineering

What is your favorite class? Physics with Viktor Martisovits has been fun. He brings so much energy to the classroom — he is just a ball of energy that just never stops. He makes an 8 a.m. class fun — which, in my opinion, is pretty hard to do.

Why did you choose to come to Central? I felt like I was already accepted when I walked on campus. Also, Coach Van Kley is one of the nicest and most caring people I know. He is the head wrestling coach, athletic director and one of the greatest guys I have met. He is the main reason I decided to come to Central.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? I love to invent things. My father owned his own machine shop, so as a kid I was able to build things like an aluminum race car similar to those that run at Knoxville. In high school, I created a working prototype for a tool that could help bus mechanics save time changing the brakes. I would like to patent my idea and sell it to a manufacturer.

What are you involved in? Football, wrestling and Student Support Services. I enjoy listening to music and spending time with my friends and family.

What do you like most about Central? So far, when I talk to my high school buddies, who attend large schools, they tell me how full their classes are and how they can hardly see or hear their professors in the lecture halls. Then they tell me how they are having trouble finding friends on campus. Whereas at Central, I feel I am receiving an amazing education — I can see and hear my professors, and I can even go talk to them one-on-one as many times as I need. I also feel like I am part of a family here — not only in sports but also in the entire freshman class. I feel like we are all one big community and can trust each other.

Do you have a favorite food at Central? Toss-up between chocolate chip pancakes and chicken wraps on Fridays.

Do you have advice for students choosing a college? I suggest an overnight visit wherever you think you want to attend. It will give you a better sense to answer: “Could I live here?”


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