Caitlyn Conway

“Central’s professors truly care about our learning and set high expectations for all of us knowing that we can achieve any goal we set.”

Major: Elementary education

What are your future goals? My future goals are to become an elementary education teacher with a reading endorsement and a religion minor. My goal is to follow whatever path is laid in front of me and make the absolute best out of it.

What activities do you participate in on and off campus? On campus, I am the secretary of Student Senate and I am involved in the Central Teacher Academy, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Campus Ministries, Dance Marathon, Student Support Services, ICS Peer Mentor and Leadership and Dutch Brigade as well as work-study in the admissions office and the athletics department.

What has been your favorite class? My favorite class here at Central was teaching language arts and reading. It provided me with unique opportunities to learn new ways to teach students about their language arts and reading. This class also gave me the chance to learn how to create lesson plans and act on them in the classroom.

Who has been your favorite professor? Why? My favorite professor was Dr. Darrell Druvenga. He was the professor that led me to know what my calling was in my life. Dr. Druvenga was my very first education department professor who kept pushing me in my decision of choosing elementary education. Dr. Druvenga encouraged me through the hard times of observations out in the schools and always gave me the option to talk to him about how I was feeling about this decision I was making. He was a professor who never gave up and always gave us reasons why teaching is perfect for us.

Have you done any internships? Do you plan to? I am in the Central Teacher Academy, which is similar to an internship. It is a three-year placement with a mentor teacher for 2 – 3 hours a week.

Hobbies/Interests: I love to run, bike and adventure. I am training for a marathon so working out in this beautiful earth we have is one of my favorite things to do. Going out to Lake Red Rock to watch the sunset is one of my most favorite things to do as well. I also love to just spend time with friends walking around campus or walking around beautiful historic Pella.

Favorite food in Central Market: My favorite food in the Central Market is probably the fresh cookie Tuesday.

What has been your favorite Central Memory so far? My favorite memory here at Central is the moment I realized how much my professors care for me. On my first day as a freshman, I received a phone call that my best friend had just been diagnosed with cancer.  This was a life-shattering phone call after my first class, but as I talked with my professors, they showed compassion and truly showed that they cared for me. I realized that no matter what, I had professors who would help us students through any life situation that is placed in our path. It is truly amazing.

What do you like about your major? The things I love about my major are the opportunities that my major provides. In the education department, the professors get you into the classroom right away. This is to make sure that we are sure about wanting to be educators. We are in the classroom for the entry-level courses to get into the education department and then we are in practicum and I have the privilege to be in the Central Teacher Academy (CTA). Being in the CTA program, I get the chance to be in the same classroom for three straight years. This provides me with skills and opportunities that only a few students ever get the chance in their college career. I love my professors as well. They truly care about our learning and set high expectations for all of us knowing that we can achieve any goal we set.

What book are you currently reading? Currently, I am reading “Good and Beautiful God” by James Bryan Smith.

What are your plans after graduation? My plans for after graduation are unknown to me, but if I would guess, I will be an elementary education teacher in a low-income school district. It is truly wherever God takes me.


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