Annie DeVries

Annie DeVriesMajor: Biochemistry

Minor: Business Management

Why I chose Central: I chose Central because of the immense variety of opportunities that the people and campus offer. I could immediately feel a sense of community and warmth from the moment I stepped on campus.

Favorite class: My favorite class would have to be Health Professions in Merida, a class that I took while I was abroad. I loved being able to learn about healthcare in another country. I was also able to learn quickly in a hospital setting and was challenged to use my language skills more than ever before.

Favorite professor: Dr. Gaar is one of my favorite professors because she is always willing to put in extra time with students. She makes learning about physical chemistry fun, and that’s a difficult task. She is incredibly open to helping students and is always smiling and welcoming!

How have you made connections at Central? Through networking, the activities I am involved in, and through Central’s faculty, I have been able to meet an incredible variety of people that have given me advice throughout my college career. I have learned from professionals in my field of study, had coffee with alumni and connected with doctors in Merida, Yucatan. Every Central connection that I have had has given me a different perspective on life and has helped to shape me as a person and my career aspirations.

What made Central a good financial investment? After my four years at Central, I will graduate with much more than a piece of paper stating my degree. I will graduate with connections in the field of my study, connections in the community, experiences that cannot be given a price tag and countless friendships that will last a lifetime.

Why I love my major: I love biochemistry because each class is similar to a puzzle. There are small pieces that help you to navigate to find the final result, and that result can be applied to so many aspects of health, environment, and engineering. It is so interesting that we can start with something so small, like a chemical bond, and end up making an incredible impact on the world in any field.

Career plans: I plan to attend pharmacy school after graduating from Central.

The best thing about Central: The close-knit family. Everyone on campus supports everyone and everything that is going on. It is exciting to watch my classmates succeed both in the classroom and outside of the classroom and it is always exciting to feel the same support from them.

Campus organizations or teams: Softball, Student Senate, Leadership Circles, student admissions ambassador

Off-campus activities: Pharmacy Technician at Hy-Vee Pharmacy

How has Central prepared you for your next step? Central has given me the prerequisites and opportunities to have a strong application to apply to any graduate program that I would like. They have also built my communication skills through the breadth of courses offered in our liberal arts education, making me more marketable and confident in my next steps.