Amanda Deerr ’14

Art teacher, Prairie City-Monroe School District (Kindergarten – 8th-grade students)

How did you become an art teacher?

Amanda Deerr '14

“I really love expressing myself creatively and wanted inspire students the same way my teachers inspired me. I was fortunate to student teach in the Prairie City-Monroe school district with the previous K-8th grade art teacher and high school art teacher. With both my mentor teachers’ recommendations, I was able to get this amazing opportunity to have my own classroom right after graduation.”

What do you like about teaching art?

“I love experiencing my students’ creativity. Every student approaches a project differently, which always makes it interesting. Also, since I work at two different buildings, I get to work with two amazing staffs that are always passionate and student-focused.”

What experiences at Central helped you?

“What helped me most is the amount of time the education major requires you to spend in actual classrooms. Although it seems like a lot of hours, it is very rewarding and worth it! The experience you gain while observing or helping teachers really pays off when you are student teaching or have your own classroom.”