Why must my student live on campus?

Central has a residency requirement. We believe, and research supports, that the development of the mind, body and spirit requires immersion in a learning community where faculty, staff, upper-class mentors and peers guide intentional experiences. Moreover, it facilitates a transition to interdependence. High school students yearn to “be on their own.” Residential living provides the challenges of being on your own with the benefits of a support network. Living on campus is the first step in making a life transition. It is important to allow students to be active leaders in their community and participants in self-governance opportunities. Central students value these opportunities as a part of their learning experience and utilize them to contribute meaningfully to their living environment. Service to others, a core value of Central College, is that we are active and contributing members to our local, national and global community. It is through the residential setting that students learn the process of community service and engagement. Finally, higher retention, academic success and graduate placement are all positive outcomes of residential living. National research indicates that students who live on campus return to the college their sophomore year more frequently than those living off campus. Additionally research indicates that students who live on campus get better grades, have more interaction with faculty and are more likely to attend professional or graduate programs compared to students who live off campus throughout their time in college.