How does my student choose his/her roommate?

First year students who already know someone who is coming to Central with whom they would like to room may request to live with that person. Those requests will be honored as long as they are mutual. The majority of first year students will be assigned a roommate by Residence Life. Roommate matches are made by hand according to the information your student provided on his/her housing request form. Residence Life attempts to make the best matches possible based on the information students provide about themselves.
Upperclassmen tend to choose a roommate who has similar interests and with whom they share similar lifestyle patterns. For example, a student who is an “early bird,” should try not to choose a “night owl” for a roommate. Additionally, it’s best not to live with their “best friend.” Often, roommates get along better if they don’t spend every waking moment together or with the same group of friends. This makes it easier to discuss problems, and make plans for cleaning, sleeping, hanging out, etc.
Several questions you can encourage your student to talk with his/her roommate about include: