Parent Council

The Central College parent council represents all parents of current Central students and serves as a resource to president Mark Putnam and the senior leadership team on campus, and to prospective parents, as well.  Members also assist the college by participating in admission events such as Scholar Days and volunteering at Homecoming.  Our mission is to make sure the educational environment is maximized for each student and to offer a parent perspective in student-related matters. The group meets once each semester on campus.

To be considered for appointment to the parent council contact Carol Williamson, vice president for enrollment and student development at 641-628-7667 or

Parent Council members as of Fall 2019

Class of 2020

Tim and Janelle Cox with daughter Shayla
Tim and Janelle Cox
(Shayla ’20)
Louisville, Nebraska
Jon Folsom with son Corbin
Jon and Julie Folsom
(Corbin ’20)
Champaign, Illinois
Tim and Monica Rouse
Tim and Monica Rouse
(Beth ’20)
Durant, Iowa

Class of 2021

Bill and Courtney Boschma with son David
Bill and Courtney Boschma
(David ’21)
Olathe, Kansas
Holly Dommer
Holly Dommer
(Christopher Hensley ’21)
Ottumwa, Iowa
Hollie England with daughterDariyn Fergus
Hollie England
(Dariyn Fergus ’21)
Ottawa, Illinois
Mark and Deanna Long
Mark and Deanna Long
(Anna ’21)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Bill and Jane Wonderlich with son Cody
Bill and Jane Wonderlich
(Cody ’21)
Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Class of 2022

Michelle Roseburrough with son Dylan
Michelle Roseburrough
(Tess ’13, Jordan ’14, Dylan ’22)
Evelyn Munoz
Evelyn Munoz
(Nathan ’22)
Mark and Shonda Kuiper with son Josh
Mark and Shonda Kuiper
(Josh ’22)
Kim Cheatheam with daughter Allison ’22
Kim Cheatheam
(Allison ’22)
Randy Lubbers with son Luke
Randy Lubbers
(Luke ’22, Elyse ’18)

Class of 2023

Chuck and Michelle Cross
(Nash ’23)
Indianola, Iowa
Brian and Amy Christian
(Megan ’23, Mitchell ’21, Chase ’21)
Whitewater, Wisconsin
David and Cheryl Hurley
(Kelsea ’23)
Scottsdale, Arizona
John and Jen McGee
(Katelyn ’22, Sean ’23)
Perry, Iowa
John and Melanie Raisch
(Jacob ’23)
Lake Villa, Illinois