Encouraging Involvement

Joining a student organization and getting involved on campus helps your child augment their in-class experiences with out-of-class experiences. These are ten reasons to share with your student to help encourage them to get involved.

  1. You’ll meet people. Within the organization you’ll meet a diverse group of people who share a common interest that brings them together.
  2. You’ll experiment and gain experience. College is a great time to try something new. You might discover new talents you never knew you had. You never know if something you’re always wanted to do is fun until you take that first step.
  3. You’ll improve your abilities. There’s nothing like giving an impromptu speech in the student senate or being responsible for an activity or a fundraiser to get your public speaking and organizational abilities working!
  4. You’ll get the most out of college. There’s more to life than studying. While remembering the importance of academics, don’t spend all your time in the library. Be active!
  5. You’ll feel at home faster. You’ll feel like you’re making things “tick” at your school!
  6. You’ll manage stress better. If you’re worried about a paper or an argument you had with a boyfriend or girlfriend, take a break and go to your Senate meeting, create something with the art club, or take a run around the track with your buddies.
  7. You’ll organize your time better. Being busier forces you to get more organized and manage your time better.
  8. You’ll improve your resume. Employers and graduate schools are looking for a well-rounded individual, not just the person with straight-A’s.
  9. You’ll meet organization advisors. An unexpected bonus, in addition to meeting your peers in the organization, is building a relationship with the mentor/advisor to the organization. This helps you build relationships across campus with the faculty and staff.
  10. You’ll make a difference. People need your help. You’ll make a difference in someone’s life, and you’ll be amazed by what you learn about yourself!

Have your student contact the Office of Student Activities or the Campus Activities Board to get involved! See the list of groups and organizations your student can get involved with!