Randall Renstrom

Randall RenstromRandall Renstrom
Title: Associate Professor of Psychology
Department: Psychology
Office Location: Roe Center 231C
Phone: 641-628-5438
Email: renstromr@central.edu


B.S. from The Ohio State University
M.A. from The University of Chicago
Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago

Areas of expertise: political psychology, social cognition, attitude formation and metaphorical communication

About Randall Renstrom

Randall Renstrom has taught at Central College since 2011. His research interests include investigating how individuals form political attitudes and evaluate candidates, the role of personality in religious and political beliefs, and how metaphors can be used to enhance communications. In his free time, Renstrom enjoys reading, traveling, and playing with his dog, Archie.