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Central College Robotics Programming Camp - June 13 - 16, 2016

Are you curious how a car can park itself, a mechanical arm can perform a surgery and a vacuum can move through a room without hitting any furniture? Learn more about the field of robotics in this summer camp. In order for a robot to accomplish the task it is designed for, it must be programmed. That is the focus of this summer camp: programming a robot to accomplish a specific task.

Directed by Stephen Fyfe, professor of computer science at Central College, this camp will use the Scribbler robot and the Python programming language to explore robotics programming. Campers will learn the simple Python commands to get the robot to move in its environment, detect obstacles and sense the amount of light in the room. Students will develop programs that will have the robot complete several different tasks throughout the camp.

 Cost: $80 - Includes T-shirt, snacks and all activities.

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