Career and Professional Development

Job Search

Whether it’s your first job or the latest of many, you’re likely to send out many resumes and go through numerous interviews before getting a job. A typical job search can take several weeks or even months to finish successfully.

There are four main strategies that go into a successful job search. The staff at the Career & Professional Development can help you with each strategy!

Get Experience, Develop Skills:

All employers are seeking candidates with related experience and skills they need! Get experience through work study jobs, summer jobs, volunteering, class projects, practicums, and internships. Build your skill set, applicable to your career fields of interest!

Make Connections With The Right People:

Talking up your internship or job search is so important! Make contact with people in fields of interest—former supervisors, professionals where you would love to work, and alumni in career fields of interest. Tell them who you are, what you’ve been doing so far, and what you hope to pursue. Ask for advice, leads, guidance!

Discover Where To Find Opportunities:


Who are key employers who are seeking someone with your skills and experience? What are the key industries in locations where you would like to work? Where are jobs posted in your field? What are some of the targeted websites where you can find entry-level positions? Who are your best networking contacts? What professional associations are out there for you? What events should you be attending to find out about jobs?

Apply and Interview Effectively:

You’re going to need résumés and cover letters that are tailored to each position! And once you land interviews, you’ll want to interview with confidence based on a clear understanding of the job, company, and your related skills and experience!

By the time you’re a junior, you’ll want to attend the Career Center’s Professional Development Series to enlist the above strategies.

Good luck on your job search!  While the process can seem daunting and discouraging, it’s also a time of great reward and satisfaction—especially when you get that job offer!