Strength & conditioning

  • Only Division III program with two full-time strength coaches
  • Strength and conditioning major
  • Strength/conditioning coaching internship program

Strength training videos

Warm up

Crossover Jacks
Fast Dynamic Warm-Up
Jumping Jacks
Mini-Band Warm-Up
Prisoner Squat
Scap Push-Up
Scap Retraction Push-Up
Seal Jacks
Slow Dynmaic Warm-Up
Stick Warm-Up

Foot Quickness


2-In Lateral
2-In Linear
Ali Shuffle
Icky Shuffle


Quarter Eagle

Torso Training

Alternate Stick Pointer with Pause
Cable Resisted Rotation
DB Side Bend
DB Wood Chop
Draw-In Crunch with Pause
Flat Foot Sit-Up
Flat Foot Stick Sit-Up
Full Dead Bug
Full Dead Bug with Band Abduction
Half Dead Bug
Hanging Crunch
Hip Pop with Pause
Med Ball Off-Bench Oblique
Off-Bench Oblique
Overhead Plate Side Bend
Partner Med Ball Sit-Up
Partner Straight Leg Sit-Up
Plate Reverse Crunch
Plate Skywalker
Push-Up Alternate Superman
Push-Up One Limb
Quadruped Hip Extension with Stick
Reverse Crunch
Shoulder Bridge
Shoulder Bridge March
Side Lying Hip Thrust
Single Leg Hip Extension with Pause
Stability Ball Shoulder Bridge
Stable Cable Push-Away
Stick Wrestling
Straight Leg Partner Abduction
Straight Leg Sit-Up
Three-Way Elbow Hold
Torso Rotation

Olympic Movements

Behind the Neck Push Jerk
Behind the Neck Split Jerk
DB Snatch
DB Split Snatch
Hang Clean
Hang Clean and Push Jerk
Hang Clean and Split Jerk
Hang Snatch
Push Jerk
Push Press
Split Jerk

Lower body push

Back Squat
BB Lunge
BB Reverse Lunge
DB Bench Squat
DB Lunge
DB Reverse Lunge
DB Split Squat
DB Step-Up
Front Squat
Single Leg Box Squat
Single Leg Rack Squat
Single Leg Squat

Lower body hip extension

Back Extension
Glute-Ham Raise
Romanian Deadlift
Single Leg DB RDL
Stability Ball Bent Leg Bridge
Stability Ball Leg Curl

Upper body vertical pull

DB Alt. Military Press
Lat Pull-Down
Neutral Grip Pull-Up

Upper body vertical push

BB Military Press
DB Military Press

Upper body horizontal pull

2 Arm DB Row
BB Bent-Over Row
DB Row
Inverted Rack Row

Upper body horizontal push

Bench Press
DB Bench Press
DB Incline Bench Press
Incline Bench Press

Static Stretching

Rope Static Stretch
Wall Stretch


Contact information

Kyle Johnson
Central College Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
812 University
Campus Box 6600
Pella, Iowa 50219
(641) 628-7695


Central College