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Memorial mirrors hopes for Central soccer future

Men's soccer | June 3, 2011

PELLA — A new memorial for the Central College soccer field in the A.N. Kuyper Athletics Complex was recently installed.

The structure celebrates the lives of Dutch men’s soccer alumni Ae Chanhvanh ‘95, Jim Babcock ‘05 and Brett Anderson ’07, who each passed away prematurely, while also saluting the program’s future. It is the product of the efforts of men’s soccer coach Garry Laidlaw, assistant Kyle Halfpop and the Dutch soccer alumni.

“After losing the guys at such a young age we felt compelled to do something to honor their memory,” said Laidlaw. “We had also been thinking of building something unique at the field for all our alumni, families and friends, who have, and will play a part in the program in the future, so we came up with this structure.”

Halfpop was a teammate of Babcock and Anderson while at Central and had a significant role in developing the project. 
“Much credit and gratitude goes to Coach Halfpop for playing a large part in seeing this project through from beginning to end,” Laidlaw said. “This project is close to Kyle’s heart, having played with both Jim and Brett and now being a current coach with the program.”

The memorial overlooks the soccer field and the three players’ names are inscribed on the front.

“The structure looks great and we encourage everyone to visit and enjoy it when they have the opportunity to do so,” said Laidlaw. “It is meant to represent all things Central College Soccer, past, present and future.”

Laidlaw said the Dutch are grateful to the donors who provided funds to pay for half of the structure. The team is still raising funds to pay for the rest of the structure. If interested in donating, contact Garry Laidlaw at



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