Douwstra Auditorium

A gathering place for music, the arts, conferences and guest lectures every year, it is no surprise that Douwstra Auditorium is the heart of our institution. First constructed in 1939, the building has served thousands of students and hosted notable American figures throughout its history. It has also been named a historic landmark in Pella, Iowa.

At the time of Douwstra’s construction, there were fewer than 300 students on campus. Fast forward to present day, and the space is not sufficient for our 1,250 students and faculty. The auditorium lacks professional acoustical properties, sound and recording equipment, appropriate stage lighting, projection screens and video capabilities.

Central College is determined to maintain the historic qualities of the space without sacrificing the necessities of a modern-day auditorium. In order to safely renovate this historic landmark, we need your help!

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Douwstra auditorium

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