Meet Andrew from Rockton, Illinois

About Andrew - Class of 2015

From: Rockton, Illinois

High School: Hononegah High School

Academic Interests: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics

Problem solver

Why did you choose Central?

I chose to come to Central because I wanted to go to a small liberal arts school where I could still get a good chemistry education.

Why did you choose to major in chemistry? What do you enjoy about it?

I really enjoy understanding how things work, and being able to apply that knowledge in different ways to understand and solve problems.  When I use the knowledge I have gained in lectures in my research that is exactly what I get to do.

Career plans

I  plan to go to graduate school and pursue a masters or Ph.D. degree in biochemistry or chemical biology.  I plan to research in the field of chemical biology in either an industrial or an academic setting.

In your iPod

The Planets Suite, Pirates of the Carrribean, Imagine Dragons, and Red

Where did you work over the summer and what did you do there?

Over the past two summers I have interned at a biochemical company in Rockford Ill. and worked in the research and development department on developing supports for protein chromatography

What did you gain from that experience? Did it change your perspective in any way?

Because I had that experience, I now am much more familiar with how research in an industrial setting takes place.  I also am familiar with some of the challenges faced by researchers in the protein biology field.

Biggest misconception others have about chemistry and/or chemistry majors?

I think the biggest misconception people have about chemistry is that it has to be difficult.  For some people that may be true, but I think the attitude that it is universally hard leads people to steer away from it that may have done well, and influences others to take chemistry classes with the attitude that they are not going to do well  instead of that they have the potential to understand.

Favorite form of stress relief?

I relieve stress by running, lifting, and or playing video games with a few of my friends.

Toughest class you’ve ever taken and why?

Quantum Mechanics , because we are taking it in half a semester to avoid scheduling conflicts

Best class you’ve taken that is unrelated to chemistry?


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