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I have always looked at study abroad as a chance to be challenged, both academically and socially, in the best way possible. I couldn’t wait to experience all the wonderful opportunities Paris had to offer.
– Sarah Pattison
Villanova University

housing and meals

As a student on the Paris program, choose from two living options, based on your desired immersion level:

Student housing in Paris is very different from that at American colleges and universities, and students have the opportunity to experience unique French university life on Central's program. Students live in foyers (residence halls), located throughout the city and request foyers based on your interests and living style. All foyers provide a safe, quiet and affordable environment in which to live and study.

Typically no more than three program students are assigned to a given residence. In each foyer, the residents are French and/or international French-speaking students. Opportunities to meet, interact and speak French with other students abound; program students should expect to take the initiative in meeting local students living in the foyers.

The facilities and amenities vary among the different foyers. All foyers include:

  • single or double rooms (with French-speaking roommate)
  • living area
  • communal kitchens
  • library and study space
  • computer space and wireless network

While meal plans vary depending on your foyer, all students will have the chance to cook in the communal kitchens and socialize with other French and international students. For those with no meal plan, a partial credit or refund is made to the program fee.

Student status grants access to the many inexpensive restaurants located throughout the city. Take advantage of café life, an important aspect of the Parisian social scene. Spend your afternoon debating politics or simply enjoying the sunshine in an outdoor café in the heart of the Quartier Latin.


Students may also choose to live in a homestay while in Paris. Students are placed in Parisian homes and given their own room. Central College Abroad will assign no more than one student per home to maximize language and cultural immersion. The homestay option is offered at an additional fee.

All Central College Abroad host families have been carefully selected. Interaction with a family allows students the valuable opportunity to experience traditional Parisian life, while still having full access to the Central College Abroad Center.

The homestay fee includes daily breakfast and 3 to 4 evening meals throughout the week.

The Central College Abroad Center

The Central College Abroad center is located in Central Paris. The Culture Course is taught here, and it is also a popular place to meet with the director, catch up with other students, use wireless internet, and chat over a cup of coffee.