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I really wanted to go to Paris, but I didn't speak any French. Central College offered a fabulous program that helped my not only learn French as I'd always wanted to do, but also to gain a much higher proficiency than I would have expected.
– Meghan Hartsell
Loras College

academic program/courses

The Central College Abroad program in Paris is a French language immersion program that allows for flexibility in coursework for both French and non-French majors. A typical course load is 15-17 credit hours. The academic program includes:

Language orientation module

An Intensive language orientation module tailored to all language levels. Further cultural orientation is included under the guidance of the resident director and language courses are supplemented by informational meetings, comparative cultural discussions, visits and excursions. Taught in French.

Culture Course

Discovering Contemporary France
Students will explore aspects of French history, politics, identity and contemporary issues. These topics are coordinated with readings, group discussions, assignments and fieldwork projects. All students participate in service-learning with community partners for four hours, one day a week throughout the semester.

Paris Community Project
Required for students completing an internship. Students will develop an understanding of issues facing diverse urban populations in contemporary France as well as increase their language fluency and general knowledge about France, its culture and institutions through weekly reflective journals, readings, discussion and field activities related to a service-learning placement. Students will work with community partners for two hours, one day a week for the duration of the semester. (one credit)

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Language courses and electives

The Paris program is designed so that students can choose an experience that best suits their language level and academic interests. Students enroll at the Catholic University of Paris' Institute for Language and Culture (ILCF) for required language study and course electives.

Please see the academic affiliate university page for more information.

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Visual art and Music

Students have the unique opportunity to add music and art into their academic program through established fine arts institutions in Paris. A variety of course work and lessons are available and most are included in the program fee.

Read more about course options, local institutions and language requirements on the Visual Art and Music page.

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Students with a high intermediate language level or above may choose to do an eight week internship, which also includes required language courses and electives at the ILCF. Internships are available in a variety of fields.

Please see our section on internships to learn more about your options.

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