Allison and the Queen

Allison Carnahan, Texas Lutheran University senior, decided to study abroad in London with Central College Abroad because of the endless summer internship options.  She knew that an internship with the Church of England would be perfect for her religion major.  When Carnahan received her acceptance letter into the program, she was not only elated for her internship but she also realized that she would be able to fulfill her dream of seeing the British Royal Family in England.

A passion for the Royal Family began after Carnahan wrote a paper on the Edward VII abdication crisis in high school, a mere 30 years ago.  While in London, Carnahan wanted to experience the Royal Family as much as possible.  On top of living and working in London, Carnahan was able to join in on the official birthday celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s 87th birthday!

The official birthday celebrations began later in the day, but after researching and planning, Carnahan woke up at 4:30 a.m. to ensure that she would not miss Trooping the Colour, a parade marking the Queen’s birthday.  To clearly see Trooping the Colour, as well as the Royal Air Force fly-over, Carnahan led fellow students to an area near Buckingham Palace.  The students had a perfect view of the parade as it passed by only on their side of the street, coming and going.  Carnahan said of the event, “Trooping the Colour was made so much more special by the fact that the other students were so willing to get up at such an early hour to stand with me.”

As tears streamed from her face, Carnahan couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotion.  She was grateful for everyone that had helped her travel to London, her fellow students for watching the parade with her and, finally, seeing the Royal Family. 

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Carnahan and fellow classmates await Trooping the Colour
Carnahan and fellow classmates await Trooping the Colour