Fostering Global Health Initiatives Abroad

In January, Central College Abroad in Merida was proud to host a quarterly meeting for the Heartland Global Health Consortium. Central College is a founding member of the consortium, which was developed to foster collaboration among Iowa colleges and universities who offer international health experiences for their students. The goal of this collaboration is to share information and resources in order to expand educational, research and service opportunities for both students and faculty.

While quarterly meetings for the consortia created a sense of consistency, most representatives wished for a longer, more fluid process - a program where ideas could continue to evolve, even if some representatives weren’t present. To foster this, Merida, Mexico was established as the international “common place” for the consortium to develop and create new initiatives, not only for its representatives but for students and faculty in Merida, as well.

Anya Butt, associate professor of biology at Central College; Ellen DuPre, professor of biology and pre-health coordinator; and Cheri Doane, director of community-based learning, represented Central College at the meeting in Merida. While there, the members visited a clinic dedicated to researching the increase of diabetes diagnoses in Mexico. The exchange of ideas is especially beneficial for the Central College Abroad program as we launch a new Studies in Global Health semester program this fall.

Learn more about the Studies in Global Health program in Merida, Yucatan and apply today!

Members of the consortium visit one of the participating clinics in Merida.
Members of the consortium visit one of the participating clinics in Merida.