Advice from Bangor

Joy Santos, of Cedarville University, studied abroad with Katie Kepford of Central College in Bangor, Wales, during fall 2011.

Meet Joy. She is an exercise science major and sprinter on the track team at Cedarville University of Cedarville, O.H. She loves going on adventures, playing sports, meeting new people and making the most of every opportunity. Her decision to study abroad in Bangor, Wales was decided because she needed to go somewhere that she could take classes for her major. She says, “As soon as I heard about the CCA Bangor program, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. I didn’t know where Wales was or what the weather was like, but I knew this was my study abroad location!”

Meet Katie. She is a Physical Education major and on the girls basketball team at Central College in Pella, I.A. She also loves sports, and going on adventures. Unlike Joy, Katie knew that she wanted to study abroad in Wales, since her freshman year of college. It is no wonder how these girls became fast friends, and “lived life on the edge” together for the duration of their stay.

Together the girls shared incredible adventures, including joining Bangor University’s volleyball team, basketball team, track team and don’t forget joining the Gaelic football teams. They teamed up once again to share their tips on studying abroad in Bangor, Wales.

Their advice to students considering study abroad in Bangor:

Do it!!!Take advantage of all Bangor University has to offer. We did it through sports, but there are many different clubs and societies that you can get involved in such as choir, art, and mountain walking. Get involved and make the most out of your time abroad.Meet people! It was great meeting and getting to know different students in Bangor and we have made memories with them that will last a lifetime. You can learn a lot from your experiences!


Want to know more about being part of Bangor University’s clubs and organizations? Look for Joy and Katie’s entire article to be published in the Central College Abroad e-newsletter, The Odyssey.

Joy and Katie are joined by Resident Director Tecwyn Vaughn-Jones for a photo
Joy and Katie are joined by Resident Director Tecwyn Vaughn-Jones for a photo