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I can't think of a single reason someone wouldn't want to spend four months living in the greatest city in the world, having the experience of a lifetime every day! Words cannot describe how wonderful my time in London really was.
– Mike Koscielny
St. Joseph's College

academic program/courses

The Central College Abroad program in London is a hybrid between Central College Abroad courses and classes taken at affiliate universities. Internships and service-learning provide practical experience in the culture. A typical course load is 12-17 credit hours. The program is broken down into five areas:

Just like their home institutions, students can choose the right combination of courses to complete their academic schedule. Most courses carry two to four semester hour credits.

Required courses

These required courses, facilitated by the resident director and a local faculty member, are the foundation on which your academic program is built, providing the cultural and historical context for a broader understanding of your overall experience. Many of the Central College Abroad excursions, which happen frequently, are made in coordination with the required British Experience Seminar course.

Courses are offered for two to three credits.

Central College Abroad courses

Central College Abroad elective courses are taught by local faculty and range in areas from advertising to art. These courses were designed not only to provide relevant coursework, but also provide further insight to various aspects of British culture.

Course offerings include:

Courses are offered for three to four credits.

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Affiliate university electives

Students have a unique immersion opportunity, with the ability to enroll in up to two courses alongside British and international students at local universities. Choose from London South Bank University or London College of Fashion. Please see our affiliate universities information to find out which university would best fit you.

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Internships and Service-learning

On Central’s study abroad programs, learning begins in the classroom, but continues in many different settings outside the traditional educational environment — offering you a more in-depth cross-cultural experience. Students can choose from either an internship or a service-learning option, both for academic credit. Central College Abroad programs offer these experiences as a way to more fully immerse yourself in the culture. Please see our section on internships and service-learning to discover your hands-on options.

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