granada photo
I loved my host family. There is no experience like that of moving in with a new group of people who in no time become your family. The impact on my Spanish skills was immeasurable. My host mother told me that I am always invited back to my house in Granada anytime I'd like.
– Jeremy Gray
Elmira College

Housing and Meals


All students live with host families, one or two students per family. In addition to being a necessity in a university community with 50,000 students and very little university-owned housing, boarding with families provides an invaluable element to the student's linguistic and cultural immersion in Granada. All host families live within walking distance of the university.

All Central College Abroad host families have been carefully selected and most have a long history of receiving students in their homes. Interaction with a family allows students the valuable opportunity to experience traditional Spanish life, while still having full access to the Central College Abroad Center.


All host families provide breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Most Spanish families take pride in their cooking and in their traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

The Central College Abroad Center

Central's center in Granada is located just a few minutes from the Center for Modern Languages (where you take classes). This popular gathering spot for students includes a seminar room, computer lab and lounge. Best of all, you will meet at Central's center for small-group tutorials that provide language support. Central adds these private tutoring opportunities to help you successfully interact both in the classroom and in the course of daily life.