Annual Coop Conference Presentation Proposal

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the Central College Abroad Coop Council Conference in Pella, IA, April 12-13, 2012. This year's conference will focus on student learning goals and facilitating them before, during and after the study abroad experience.  The conference will reference global experiential learning goals as a basis for discussion and session topics.  This year, we encourage you to share your knowledge and expertise in the area of student learning as a session presenter.

Topics you might consider when forming your proposal:

  • Preparing students for the range of learning opportunities they will encounter abroad 
  • Strategies that enhance global learning while abroad or extend that learning upon students' return
  • Effective practices to help students gain awareness, knowledge and understanding of cultures other than their own, and to see their own cultural group from a different perspective
  • Facilitating global engagement and knowledge of global issues
  • Fostering growth in the areas of emotional intelligence and personal development (problem-solving, tolerance, adaptability, resilience and personal autonomy)
  • Best practices to promote ethical interaction and social responsibility within global communities
  • The role of language study in global learning
  • Developing skills applicable to professional and career development
  • Collaboration between study abroad offices and faculty or student life officers to facilitate student learning

Proposal Guidelines

  • Presenter must represent an institution that belongs to Central College Abroad’s Cooperative Council.
  • Co-presenters are not required, but collaboration is preferred.
  • Session must connect to student learning in a meaningful way.

Important Dates

  • Proposal Deadline: October 15, 2011
  • Notice of Session Acceptance: November 1, 2011

Session Information
Sessions are 30-50 minutes in length, including time for Q & A. Multimedia tools including laptop, microphone and projector will be provided.   

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Preferred Presentation Date:
 Thursday, April 12, 2012
 Friday, April 13, 2012