Central College faculty invite students to participate in discipline-focused study abroad experiences that extend Central’s curriculum.  Putting students in contact with real world examples of topics they explore in their classrooms, faculty leaders apply the best of experiential and intercultural learning pedagogy abroad.  Some faculty-led programs are open only to Central College students while others are open to students visiting from other institutions.  Please contact studyabroad@central.edu for eligibility and application details.  

Nature and Culture: Cusco, Peru

This course provides an interdisciplinary overview of the Andean/Amazonian region of Cusco, Peru by examining the interplay between culture and the environment of its indigenous people. Pachamama, a Quechua word often translated as Mother Earth or Mother World, is a lens through which students examine indigenous perspectives and explore the country’s rich biological and cultural diversity. The course meets during spring semester followed by a two and half week trip to Peru.

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Tropical Ecology in Belize and Costa Rica

During winter break, biology students can complete their fall tropical ecology course with 17 days in Belize and Costa Rica. This course introduces students to the amazing diversity and complexity of tropical ecosystems. On the trip, students explore several different ecosystems by snorkeling in coral reefs and hiking in various forests.

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Music ensembles: Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Italy (recent countries)

Within any four-year cycle, music ensembles at Central immerse themselves in the culture of an international site and perform at a variety of venues within an international community.

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Accounting: Merida

Students complete two accounting courses in Merida: Government & Not-for-Profit Accounting and Accounting for Environment & Social Responsibility. Class excursions in Merida highlight the need for global, corporate, social, and environmental accountability. Students will visit government offices, rural villages, and an ecological park that creates jobs for local workers.

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Accounting: London

This program is designed to alternate years with Accounting in Merida.

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Social Science: Merida

A one-credit class in Merida can be added to four psychology and sociology classes regularly taught on Central's campus. Students explore the cultural themes introduced in these courses by visiting Merida with Central faculty after their spring semesters. In Merida, students visit Mayan archaeological sites and rural villages to investigate poverty, globalization and other related topics.

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Language and Culture in the Yucatan Peninsula: Merida

This short-term course for beginning Spanish language students occurs over winter break. Students will have opportunities to practice their newly acquired language skills while exploring the diverse history, archeology and culture of the Yucatan where the interplay of the indigenous and Spanish legacies are still alive today.

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History and Performing Arts: Ghana

A four-week summer program in Ghana includes two courses that introduce students to Ghana's history and performing arts. Students learn about important issues, events and traditions that have shaped Ghana's national identity, and they participate in traditional music and dance. Another program highlight is an excursion to one of the world's few rainforest canopy walkways.

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Biblical Archeology: Turkey OR Islam: Turkey

A two-week educational excursion through Turkey can be added to two online courses: Biblical Archaeology or Islam. Students visit historical and cultural sites that illuminate course content, tracing a route from Ankara through Nevshehir (Cappadocia), Konya (ancient Iconium), Antalya on the Mediterranean, Fethiye, Kusadasi and Assos, ending in Istanbul.

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Social Justice in the City

A five-week summer program in an urban setting in the United States provides internship experience and a course taught by Central faculty — all focused on social justice. Students explore social justice theory and reflect on its application to their experience as interns in nonprofit or community organizations.

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History and Culture of Chocolate: Ecuador

Through the history of chocolate, students will witness how religion, colonialism, trade, and the mixing of cultures converge. In the final weeks of the course, students will travel to the coastal, highlands and Amazon regions of Ecuador to explore cacao farming in both large and small-scale setting, visit a research center developing new plant strains, and explore fair trade and organic marketing of chocolate.

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Service-Learning in Guatemala

Students will explore Kaqchikel Maya culture through homestays and working alongside Maya individuals in schools and sustainability-related activities in San Jorge de Laguna. They will also explore other Maya villages, Antigua, and Lake Atitlán, an ancient volcanic lake.

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The American Experience in Paris

This capstone course on national identity culminates in a ten-day study tour in Paris. For over 200 years, Americans from every walk of life have been fascinated by Paris: its food, monuments, music, and style. Students will explore both American and French national identities, values, and historical perspectives, and examine the forces that have brought these two nations together.

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