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May 2015

Dear Central College families,

By the time you receive this newsletter, students will be done with finals and the school year will be over. Many will be home or on their way to other places for summer. Some will be busy with jobs, summer internships or classes, and others will be working with faculty on research projects. Seniors will attend baccalaureate and commencement on Saturday, May 16 (congratulations!), where President Putnam will greet each one and hand out diplomas. Many of you will be present for this long-awaited, joyful ceremony. 

New student orientation is less than a month away. Meanwhile, we celebrate the accomplishments of students who have made a tremendous impact on and off campus and encourage them to stay connected and share their journeys with us. 

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Go Dutch!
The Office of Student Development

Students were lucky to enjoy the comedy of Dave Coulier (best known as Joey from Full House)
May 2 as a part of Final Fling festivites!


337 Central College seniors will participate in commencement Saturday, May 16. Watch the Central College home page to view the 2015 commencement photo gallery. 
Looking ahead, save the date for baccalaureate and commencement 2016! Both events occur May 14, 2016.

Summer Classes
Central College offers a limited number of summer classes on campus and online. Students who want to register for summer classes should do so online via WebAdvisor. Available courses are listed at http://www.central.edu/academics/courseLookup/. Your student can find registration and fee information for summer courses on the Registrar’s website (http://departments.central.edu/registrar/) under registration. Online summer classes begin May 26.

Final Grades
All students should be able to see their spring semester grades on WebAdvisor after May 19. It is the student’s responsibility to track his/her progress toward graduation, and WebAdvisor provides a program evaluation tool to do this. Students log into WebAdvisor, choose program evaluation, and then they may see which degree and major (if declared) requirements have been met, what is in progress and what is missing or incomplete. If students have questions, they may contact their academic advisor or the registrar.

Registration Closure Reminder
Online registration via WebAdvisor will be closed from June 1 to July 20 to accommodate registration for new students during orientation. Students who wish to drop a Central College summer course during June 1-5 will need to contact the Registrar’s Office via email no later than 5 p.m. June 5 — the last day to drop a summer class. If you have questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office, registrar@central.edu or 641-628-5442.

Graduate School Preparation
Now is the time for rising junior and senior students interested in pursuing graduate or professional school after Central College to learn more about the programs, application processes, admission tests, financing and deadlines associated with their intended fields of study. Any student who wants to consider graduate school or professional school options may find the following website helpful: https://my.central.edu/Student-Services/Career-Services/Pages/Graduate-School.aspx

At the end of Study Day, students, faculty and staff took part in a much-loved tradition,
Breakfast of Champions. Who wouldn't love breakfast at 10 p.m.?

Job Postings
Students and graduates should use CareerLink@Central to search for internship and job postings in their field. Go to: www.central.edu/career and click on CareerLink@Central to register. Students can use their Central Email address and choose “Forgot Password,” and a password will be sent the first time they register.

Services for Students and Alumni
Family members play a very important role in the success of students. What you know can help your student a great deal! The office of Career and Professional Development offers the following services for students and alumni:

  • Administering interest and personality inventories
  • Counseling regarding choice of major and career direction
  • Connecting students to alumni and professionals in careers of interest
  • Leading professional development seminars on career-related topics, including Job Search Overview, Résumé/Cover Letter Writing, Interviewing Strategies, Dress for Success and Dining Etiquette and Money Management after College
  • Critiquing résumés, cover letters and personal statements
  • Hosting “Meet the Pros” events to bring employers and students together by career field
  • Arranging mock interviews with local professionals in career fields of interest
  • Managing a database of internships and job listings, posting both local and nationwide opportunities
  • Participating in a statewide consortium of private colleges to host interview events and career fairs
  • Completing first destination, six-month and one-year post-graduation reports
  • Maintaining up-to-date career resources and economic trend information

Urge your student to visit Career and Professional Development in Hoffman East early and often! Thanks for your support!

Return from study abroad
Reverse culture shock is a real phenomenon for students returning from a semester abroad. Students discuss many challenges and joys of returning home through the Central College re-entry program. According to a handbook by Leonore Cavallero, difficulties encountered by students returning to the US include the pace of life, consumerism, personal communication, returning to school, differences in worldview and self-image. To no one’s surprise, Cavallero recommends that parents listen attentively and exercise patience as students adjust to their new (old) environment and process their time abroad. For more information on supporting returning students, please contact the coordinator of Central’s re-entry program, Brian Zylstra, at zylstrab@central.edu.

2015-2016 Common Reading Book
Central’s 2015-16 common reading is Where Am I Eating? An Adventure through the Global Food Economy. From coffee to chocolate to lobster, Where Am I Eating? chronicles Kelsey Timmerman’s quest to understand farmers and fishermen around the world. His travels take him to Columbia, West Africa, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and China. New students will read the book as part of their Intersections seminar this fall. Faculty, staff, alumni, family and community members are also invited to read the book and share in a common experience with students.

Residence Life Update

Room Damages and Billing
All student rooms are inspected at the end of the school year for cleanliness and damage beyond regular wear and tear. All students sign a housing contract to live on campus. The contract contains a damages and costs section. Paraphrased, the contract states that students whose rooms require deep cleaning beyond normal and/or damage repair will be assessed charges for the costs necessary to return the room back to its original move-in condition. If there is damage to a common area of the residence that is not attributable to a particular student or students, the cost of that damage will be split among all students living in that residence. The billing for any charges incurred due to room damage in individual rooms and/or common areas occurs at the end of May. All bills will be sent to students via email. Questions regarding billing for cleaning or damages should be directed to Melissa Sharkey, Assistant Dean and Director of Residence Life, at 641-628-5180 or sharkeym@central.edu.

Fall 2015 Move-In
College move-in days for returning students are Monday, Aug. 24, and Tuesday, Aug. 25. Please note this is not a weekend; students and families must prepare accordingly. Fall sport athletes who need to return earlier will be notified by their coaches over the summer regarding their team move-in date. Classes begin Wednesday, Aug. 27.

Room Condition Inventory Report
Upon moving into his/her assigned room, each resident will complete, sign and return to his/her Resident Adviser a room condition inventory within 24 hours of occupancy. This room inventory will be an accurate and complete record of the contents and condition of the assigned room/suite/pod and will be the basis for damage charges if assessed. It is extremely important that students are very detailed on this report, because any damages found upon check-out that are not listed on the initial report will be assessed to the student’s account. Failure to complete, sign and return the form(s) results in the resident’s assumption of responsibility for any damage evident in the room, suite or pod.

When packing, students should remember some items we ask them NOT to bring to campus:

  • Pets (Only fish that live under water and do not need to come up for air are allowed in 10-gallon or smaller tanks. Pets are not allowed inside the facility for visits)
  • Loft kits (homemade or purchased)
  • Microwaves that draw more than 5.8 amps or exceed 700 watts
  • Air conditioners (Individuals with a medical need should sign up in a building with air conditioning)
  • Refrigerators over 4.8 cubic feet or drawing more than 1.5 amps
  • Weight equipment (only vinyl coated dumbbells weighing less than 20 pounds are allowed. No other weight sets or exercise benches are allowed)
  • Alcoholic beverages, regardless of your age. Central College is an alcohol-free facility.
  • Extension cords without a surge-protector function
  • Candles with or without wicks
  • Incense
  • Open-element appliances such as toasters, space heaters or electric skillets
  • Halogen lamps
  • Thumbtacks, nails or duct tape intended for hanging items on the wall/ceiling
    (3M removable strips work well, as does poster putty)
  • Grills, lighter fluid, charcoal, kerosene, propane tanks

Get Involved

Student Life sponsored a Spring Fun Run for the Central community May 1.

Student Leadership Awards
Student leaders from across campus were recognized at the Student Leadership Awards reception April 26. Campus-wide leadership award winners were: Intercultural Educators, Bridge Builder Award; Brandon Mennenoh, Community Service Award; Health Professions Club, Organizational Excellence Award; Student Athlete Advisory Council Outstanding Event Award for their blood drives; Caitlyn Conway, Outstanding New Leader Award; Andrew Harvey, Sustainability Leadership Award; Nelson Wiese, Unsung Hero Award. Department award winners were also recognized from IT services, campus ministries and dining services. Students serving in leadership positions, including SOS Orientation Leaders, Student Senate, Resident Advisers, Campus Activities Board, Counseling Peer Educators, Intercultural Educators, Wellness Educators, Hall Council Executives, National Residence Hall Honorary Leaders and Greek Council members were recognized for contributions to the Central community.

Central Athletics
Central’s spring athletics have taken off! Support Central athletes by attending or following our spring teams. For a complete schedule spring sporting events, visit http://www.central.edu/athletics/. Go Dutch!

Health and Wellness

A Word from the Wellness Educators

  • TIP 1: Learn Proper Portion Sizes
    To avoid eating too much of even the healthiest foods, keep track of how much you're eating. For most people, meat servings should be about the size of a deck of cards and other servings vary by the type of food. Healthservices.rutgers.edu
  • TIP 2: Curb Your Sweet Tooth
    To satisfy your sweet tooth without pushing yourself over the calorie edge, even in the late night hours, think fruit first. Health.com
  • TIP 3: Drink Coffee
    A cup of coffee in the morning may pack more than just an energy boost. Researchers are finding out dark or black coffee can help prevent diabetes and other diseases! Medicalnewstoday.com

Student Health 101
Student Health 101 is a monthly newsletter sent to all students covering common college topics and transitions. Parent Perspective, a newsletter by the creators of Student Health 101, is meant to help family members become better informed about many of the issues students face so they can help guide students to healthy ways of dealing with various situations. Read May’s issue.

  • Your Top 4 Portable Protein Snacks
  • The Parent Pop Quiz: Helpful, Hands-Off or Helicopter?
  • A Bit More Fit: Getting Around Without a Car

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