The rhythm section—piano, bass, drums, guitar—is the most common ensemble in music today. Gabriel Espinosa, combos director and associate professor of music, says there’s millions of them throughout the world.

There’s a reason these groups are so popular—their music is diverse and infectious. “Working with combos is fantastic because we explore other styles of music,” says Espinosa. “For me, all of them have value. Classical music has value. Jazz has value. Pop has value. Rock, country, you name it. It just needs to be done right.”

The vocal/instrumental combo is broken up into two groups, Red and Blue. Espinosa rehearses with each group separately and meets regularly with members on their own. The two combos have their own concerts, but they perform together each semester, as well.

Ashley Albaugh, a senior communication studies major from Clarence, says combos is the reason she chose Central. “Other schools don’t have anything like this,” she says. “I love being onstage, and I love seeing talent in other people on campus.”